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Medium and large heads for boring

Medium and large heads for boring and numerically controlled faces on boring machines, machining centers and special machines.

General features
The U-TRONIC are medium and large CN heads that connect to the U-axis of the CNC tool machine for the machining of external, internal, and sub-quadrant faces, cylindrical and conical reaming, and threading, concave and convex radii, by interpolation with the other axes of the machine tool.
They are applied manually, automatically, and with palletized systems on boring machines, machining centers, and special machines.
They are built in 6 models ranging from ø 360 to ø 1000 mm all with internal coolant passage.
U-TRONIC in special versions, with two sleds or counterweights for self-balancing, can be supplied on request.
Fixed tool holders can be fitted on the sled, with manual or automatic tool change.
The possible application on machines that do not allow the connection to a CNC axis, can be done by managing the motor of the control unit with a U-CONTROL positioner with wireless REMOTE-CONTROL.


There are two possibilities for controlling U-Tronic heads:

  • Direct connection to the "U" axis of the numerical control of the machine tool and allows to perform any type of turning, boring, internal, external, threading, radius and spherical operations
  • Use of the U-CONTROL positioner with wireless REMOTE, which can be connected to the M functions of the machine control to receive start signals of the various operations programmed on the REMOTE-CONTROL. It allows us to perform any type of turning, boring, internal, external, threading, and conical operations, but not spherical operations.

Refrigerant liquid supply

U-TRONIC heads are prepared with holes for the passage of the coolant, which pass through the rotating body. From additional holes arranged on the fixed body, it is possible to inject air to pressurize the engine area and limit switch, automatically grease the internal kinematics and lubricate with nebulized oil the sliding guides of the sled and the mother screw.



To improve the working conditions and balance the position of the tool when it is displaced relative to the U-TRONIC axis, counterweights can be applied using the threaded holes on the rotating body.


The U-TRONIC are applied manually or automatically by means of a flange for fixing to the machine tool and a platorello for rotating the rotating body. They are applied manually by using a flange for mounting with Camlock quick coupling, or automatically with palletized systems and special connectors.

The U-TRONIC can also be equipped with a tool holder with automatic tool change mounted on the slide to achieve total automation.

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