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Facing heads with automatic work feed and quick slide return without stopping or reversing the spindle of the machine tool.

General features
Built in 3 models: AR 100, AR 125, AR 160 and AR 200; have a fast forward and return. To vary the advancements are provided interchangeable gear blocks, optional, for advancements in mm/ round of: 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.40; 0.60 and a quick return of 0.80 mm/ round.

The interchangeable cone adopts the same fixing as the modular MHD' system. A simple attachment of the tool holders to the sled facilitates the construction of special tool holders.

The AUTORADIAL is applicable to the machining centers and on CN machines and without the need for any electronic interface to enslave, automatically perform a cycle of facing work, face in sub-quadra, internal and external seat for elastic rings and O-ring, phonographic spiral on the flange.

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