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The high-tightening precision tool carrier for precision

Monoforce is the high-tightening precision tool carrier for precision requirements and tool clamping needs at high torsional loads. Monoforce joins the Toprun, the patented system of balancing integral tool holders.  

The Monoforce program is built in the HSK 63 and 100 machine spindles version, as well as DIN 69871 and MAS-BT made in ISO 40 and 50 sizes and allows the use of reduction sleeves from 12mm, Ø20 mm and 32mm. Available as standard in the entire diametrical range compatible with these housing diameters for clamping from 3 mm to 25 mm.

Monoforce tool holders are also available in practical kits complete with reduction sleeves and clamping wrench.

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