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PSC linea

PSC linea

Modular Toolholders PSC

It is a line of high-precision modular tool-holders used to perform boring, milling and drilling operations with extreme flexibility and rigidity.

The PSC coupling complies with the ISO 26623 standard and is available in six sizes. It guarantees the interchangeability of all elements of the system, which includes arbors, extensions, reductions and tool-holder adapters. 

​The program integrates with the MHD' boring line which completes the PSC line with a wide range of roughing and finishing heads, the latter both analog and digital.

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arbors, extensions and reductions

PSC is the line of cones, adapters, extensions, reductions, and tools with direct attachment produced in accordance with ISO 26623-1/2, is used on lathes, machining centers, and boring machines.

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