The tool holder range D’Andrea “CT” is the acronym for Calettamento Termico (Thermal Rim), namely a system that exploits arbor thermal expansion (generated through specific machines heating the endpoint of the already mentioned tool holders) so as to allow the introduction of hard-metal or or HSS machine tools. The subsequent cooling, bringing the tool holder back to its original shape, “blocks” the machine tools steadily and safely in order to perform even complex operations such as the opening of caves with elevated rpm and high speeds.
The tool holder, brought at a temperature of 300° - 400° expands in a few seconds welcoming the machine tool (cold) within a hole. When the tool holder is cooled (getting shrinked) and returning to its original size, it creates a high clamping force all around the machine tool making the whole system extremely stable. Thanks to the thorough couplings between the tool holder hole (which is rebored) and the machine tool shank (rebored as well), maximum precision concentricities are obtained within 3 micron. All tool holders are balanced at 25.000 rpm.
Such cosntructional features provide doubtless advantages: a better finishing of machined surfaces, a far longer duration of machine tools and a high stability of the tool-holder-machine tool system with a consequent safeguard of the rotating machine and bearings
The program is wide and complete: HSK-A 63 and 100 (DIN 69893), PSC 63 and 80 (ISO 26623-1) that is to say the polygonal shank, DIN 69871 AD+B 40 and 50 and MAS 403 BT 40 and 50 AD+B
The shortest rim diameter is 6 mm whereas the longest is 25 mm or 32 mm for bigger joints.
The whole program is structured with 3 length types: short, medium and long
Rim extensions have been developed as well for machine tools having a shank with diameter ranging from 3 to 20 mm. These allow the achievement of high processing leaps or the passage within narrow spaces which would be unreachable with traditional machine tools. A version with axial adjustment exists as well providing a thorough setting of the machine tool leap.
The application field is definitely broad: from the aeronautic and aerospace industry to the molding industry and the in-depth manufacturing of large-sized pieces
The whole standard program is now in stock, however it is possible to develop specific solutions based on the particular needs of our clientele. The entire range is available in our new catalog 2015.

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