High precision ultra-tight toolholder.

MONOforce is the ideal and economical solution for equipping all machine tools where there is a need for precision and clamping of tools subject to high torsion loads. MONOforce joins the already well-known Force of the Toprun family, the patented balanceable integral toolholder system.
The MONOforce program is built in the version for machine spindles HSK 63 and 100, as well as DIN 69871 and MAS-BT and both in ISO 40 and 50 sizes. It can be used with reduction bushes with Ø12mm, Ø20mm and Ø32mm, available as standard for all diameters compatible with these housing diameters for clamping from Ø3mm to Ø25mm.
MONOforce toolholders – produced entirely by D’Andrea can also be supplied in kits, which include of a set of reduction bushes and clamping spanner.

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